Dr. Ebert is an excellent doctor! She always takes the times to listen to my concerns and answer my questions. I have complete trust in her and would highly recommend her to anyone needing a podiatrist!

Bozeman, MT

I recently was seen by Dr. Storm for minor, yet painful, irritated small toe. I mistook it for a wart. Dr. Storm diagnosed and treated a corn (darn!), providing me with a corrective pad. It has helped a lot with constant improvement. Thanks for the timely appointment and courteous and professional treatment.


Bozeman, MT

I took my 88 year old mother to him for calf and foot problems. He ordered a test right away after the exam as well as recommending a new prescription for nerve problems. I like his take charge attitude vs the doctors who have said, "you are 88, live with it and I will just prescribe a narcotic."

Daughter in Bozeman, MT

Bozeman, MT

He (Dr. Tod R. Storm) removed my ingrown toenail. I barely felt the needle to numb my toe. It was a quick procedure with no pain. I wish I had done it many years ago.


Twin Bridges, MT

I had severe pain in both feet and was diagnosed with the wonderful Planter Fasciitis. Dr. Storm fitted me with orthotics, which worked great. After a couple of months, Dr. Storm made adjustments to them as my feet healed. But the bigger deal was that I have had ingrown toenails since I was a teenager. I didn't realize that there was a procedure for them, which he explained to me. We made the appointment, did the procedure, and an hour later, I walked out on my new feet.


Bozeman, MT

I have had two foot surgeries done by Dr. Storm and I am extremely happy with him, his staff and the results. I highly recommend Dr. Storm for any foot problems you may have.


I would like to thank Dr. Casey Ebert DPM for saving my husband's life. If it wasn't for her skill, patience, and willing to work with her patients. My husband had an awful ulcer that was very infected but he did not want amputation she let him have his wish against her better sense, she really tried, finally after 2 months of wound care a bone floated up. He didn't want to lose all his toes and she figured out how to take two toes. Everything healed perfect. She comes to Livingston twice a month and has privileges at LHC. So if you have any foot problems go see her very friendly place.

Darnell H.

Livingston, MT

I have had severe plantar fascia issues for years which eventually led to a surgical resection of the tendon on the right foot. Recently, the left foot got to the point where orthotics and cortisone injections were no longer effective at treating the pain and surgery again was the only option of last resort. I asked Dr. Ebert about trying a Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injection as a possible alternative to surgery. I had had previous PRP injections for an elbow issue that worked well and was able to avoid that surgery. Dr. Ebert was very knowledgeable of PRP therapy although BF&A had not previously done the injections in the clinic. She diligently researched the procedure and obtained the necessary materials kit. She performed the procedure in office. After three months I'm almost completely pain free and likely will avoid surgery. PRP may not be for everyone and may have different individual results but I think its certainly worth considering if one is at the point where nothing else is working to relive pain, and surgery is the only option. I would highly recommend discussing PRP therapy with Dr. Ebert and I have full confidence in her skills as a physician and is juts a very pleasant, interactive person.

Robert D.

Bozeman, MT