Have You Ruptured Your Achilles Tendon?

Have You Ruptured Your Achilles Tendon?

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Did you know that the Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body? It stretches from the bones of your heel to the muscles in your calf, allowing you to stand on our toes when walking, running and jumping.

If you're having trouble standing or walking on your foot, seek medical attention at Bozeman Foot and Ankle Clinic. We'll examine your foot and determine the best treatment.

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Whether it's a tiny tear, a rupture or tendonitis, an injury to your Achilles tendon can be painful. Most minor to moderate Achilles tendon injuries should heal on their own with plenty of rest, ice compression and elevation. However, surgery might be needed if there is severe damage. If you have a tendon injury, our team of podiatrists will:

  • Lessen your pain and reduce swelling with anti-inflammatory medications
  • Improve your foot's range of motion with physical therapy
  • Suggest custom inserts for your shoes to protect the tendon from further stretching

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