Bozeman Foot and Ankle Will Help With Your Unbearable Foot Pain

Bozeman Foot and Ankle Will Help With Your Unbearable Foot Pain

Visit our podiatry clinic today for neuroma treatment or surgery

Do you have a pinched nerve in your foot? You might be suffering from neuroma. Visit Bozeman Foot and Ankle Clinic right away for an examination and treatment. Our team of trained and experienced podiatrists will help with any pain, burning sensations, tingling or numbness in your feet.

Stop walking on marbles at Bozeman Foot and Ankle Center

Neuroma most commonly affects the foot at the base of the third and fourth toes. The thickening of the nerves in this area result in compression and irritation. This causes severe swelling, discomfort and can even lead to permanent nerve damage. To lessen pain, decrease swelling and prevent nerve damage, a podiatrist will:

  • Examine your foot to determine the best treatment
  • Pad and ice your foot to reduce swelling
  • Suggest orthopedic support shoes and insoles
  • Treat your condition with anti-inflammatory medications
  • Offer effective surgery and injection therapy options

To schedule an appointment with a podiatrist at Bozeman Foot and Ankle Clinic, call Call 406-587-8478 for our Bozeman office or 406-222-5429 for our Livingston office.