Are You Suffering From Fallen Arches?

Are You Suffering From Fallen Arches?

Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist at Bozeman Foot and Ankle Clinic

Do you need to see a podiatrist about your painful or achy feet? If you're experiencing any of the following systems below, make an appointment at Bozeman Foot and Ankle Clinic right away:

  • Pain in the heel, arch, ankle or along the outside of the foot
  • Ankle hyperpronation, where the ankle turns inward
  • Pain and discomfort associated with shin splints
  • General fatigue or instability in the foot or leg

We'll examine your foot to determine the severity of your condition. We'll then prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to lessen the pain and improve your range of motion.

Walk out with pep in your step

Bozeman Foot and Ankle Clinic has some of the most experienced podiatrists available to assist with your foot problems. Our team consists of athletes who understand how important it is for patients to stay active. With anti-inflammatory medications, orthopedic shoes and insoles, weightloss methods and surgery options, we'll make sure you're walking with ease and are able to achieve your personal health goals.

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